Greatest Coop Games of All Time 

Greatest Coop Games of All Time 

April 21, 2018 0 By Ruff

There are few experiences that you can share with your friends that are as rewarding as playing through an entire game in coop together. Some of you might scoff a little at that statement, but I’m being entirely serious – coop games offer a shared experience that just can’t be found elsewhere. In the same way that going on a holiday together will generate stories for you to share, coop games will leave you with shared memories that are entirely yours and representative of your relationship. Like anything that is based on your relationships, these choices are going to be very personal and your mileage is going to vary, but here is my list of some of the greatest coop games of all time. 

Halo 3 

Feel free to disagree, but in my opinion Halo 3 is the pinnacle of the Halo franchise. It was the perfect balance between a narrative conclusion, competitive multiplayer and the creativity of the custom games scene. On top of all that, Halo 3 had full 4-player cooperative integration throughout the entirety of the campaign. The variety of the campaign is stretched even further with the various skulls that can be applied to modify gameplay further. Completing Halo 3’s campaign cooperatively on legendary difficulty with a few of the more intense skulls enabled will be an experience that you’re not likely to forget any time soon. 


SWAT 4 is unusual as far as first-person shooters go, in that it promotes non-lethal actions as the preferable choice. Blasting into a building with your friends and facing off against gun-wielding terrorists but having to rely on tasers and shouting to disarm them makes for a very unique and intensely suspenseful experience. You can also tase and tear gas your friends to your heart’s content, so there is that to look forward to too. 

Left 4 Dead 

Since 2008, Left 4 Dead and its sequel have dominated the landscape of cooperative games and for good reason too. Rushing through zombie infested maps to reach a safe room has never stopped being fun, and the regular mutators that are applied to online games help to keep the experience evergreen, no matter how many times you play. 


The ubiquity of Minecraft is inescapable, but that does not mean that it is not a fantastic experience, nor does it undermine the experience of building a blocky home together with your friends. Minecraft is still supported by regular updates and content expansions, so you can look forward to finding new ways to experience its world. Even if you decide to stick to the fundamentals of building and mining, Minecraft is a great way to chill out and make something with your friends and/or partner.