The 5 Best Party Games 

The 5 Best Party Games 

May 10, 2018 0 By Ruff

One of the best parts of any party is when the host breaks out their console (or an old and dusty Wii) for a round of frantic games. Party games can draw out the absolute best (and worst) of friendships, while you laugh, shout and scream over every victory, betrayal and absolute failure. So, in the spirit of this fun, I’ve put together this nifty list of 5 of the best party games for you to try at your next gathering. 


The Jackbox games are packaged collections featuring some of the best quizzes and competitive games that are in the spirit of board games like Pictionary and Scattergories. Using your mobiles to interact with the game on the PC or console, players will compete to produce the most entertaining images and responses, or simply show off their general knowledge. The Jackbox games perfectly encapsulate the feeling of sitting around as a family with some board games, making it an absolute must for any party. 

Super Smash Brothers 

It may have developed a strong competitive scene, complete with broadcasting and events, but when it comes down to it, Super Smash Brothers is the perfect fighting game to sit down to with some friends. Easy to learn, and difficult to master, Super Smash Brothers transcends the usual button-mashing barriers of fighting games and presents, at least on the surface, a level playing field.  

Just make sure not to invite anyone that competes at any Smash tournaments. 

Guitar Hero/Rock Band 

The heyday of music games and plastic tat may be lying behind us now, but that doesn’t diminish how enjoyable these games are to pick up and play with a couple of friends. I’m sure that the vast majority of us still have at least a few plastic instruments lying around somewhere, so don’t feel ashamed to break them out and have some mindless fun.  

WarioWare Smooth Moves 

The idea of one of the minor villains from the Mario franchise having their own standalone series may not exactly have seemed like a straight shot for Nintendo, but WarioWare Smooth Moves remains one of the greatest party games since its release in 2006. WarioWare consists of lots of frantic minigames that require the player to perform a quick action, with only a few seconds to do so. This game is the closest you can come to absolute chaos, but it will have everyone laughing and shouting along to its action in no time. 

Mario Kart 

There was never any doubt that Mario Kart would be on this list – and for good reason too. Mario Kart is the pinnacle of group gaming and it can instantly make any party that bit more exciting and engaging. Now, I’m not going to pretend it’s all roses, Mario Kart will destroy friendships and end relationships, but it’ll all be worth it for that sweet feeling when you hit them with a blue shell right before the finish line and grab first place.  

You just can’t beat that feeling.